Evangeline Burch

​Assistant Instructor

Evangeline is another of our amazing kids class instructors. She's never been seen NOT smiling. Her warm and sincere personality makes her a favorite with the kids and her smile lights up the room. Smiles are contagious and we like that! 

DOWNTOWN 850-503-0340

9TH AVENUE 850-485-5559

Tony Baker

​Head Instructor Downtown

Tony Baker is a certified Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under 3rd degree Black Belt Professor Allen Hopkins. He joined the Team Hopkins Association in April of 2005 and received his Black Belt from Professor Hopkins in December 2015. 

Tony is a very positive person with great energy. He loves teaching Jiu-Jitsu as well as motivating and helping others become better versions of themselves. Super friendly and humble, he has a special way of connecting with students. If you do a class with him, chances are he will make you smile and laugh out loud. 

Oanh Tran

Assistant Instructor

Ms. Oanh is one of our amazing kids class Instructors. She also holds a 4th degree black belt in TaeKwonDo. Which makes her one the highest ranked in Pensacola. Oanh is the one responsible for the fantastic kids class program we have going at our academy. She's friendly, smart and tough!

Travis Godbey

Blackbelt Instructor

 Travis is the epitome of a warrior and a gentleman. He has been involved in grappling and martial arts since he was a teenager. Travis also holds a black belt in Shaolin Kung-Fu and has a strong background in wrestling. Its no secret, Travis is our enforcer. Although Travis has gotten a reputation for being a monster on the mats, if you pay close attention you'll notice his attention to detail and technique is what got him that reputation.

William Vineyard

​Assistant Instructor

Mr. William, as we affectionally call him is one of our kids class instructors as well as our fundamentals class instructor. Mr. William is an expert in many forms of martial arts and has an excellent understanding of how to teach/explain techniques. He's been an instructor in various arts for over 20 years. You won't find a more friendly and knowledgable person.

Hutch Adams

​Blackbelt Instructor

Hutch Adams is our Tuesday and Thursday Self-Defense class instructor. Mr. Hutch is an encyclopedia of self-defense (and many other things!). He's also the nicest, friendliest and most good hearted person you will ever meet. If you ever drop by our academy and he is there, you will be greeted by him within seconds. Super knowledgeable with loads of experience and patience. All the traits of a great instructor, and person.

Brian Eubank

Blackbelt Instructor

Brian Eubank is our 6am morning class instructor. He is also our highest ranked assistant instructor. Being happy, humble and positive best describes him. Brian is one of the few “BIG GUYS” that uses strictly technique and never compensates with power. He is only interested in learning, not winning. Everyone should be like Brian, the world would be a better place. 

David Fernandes

​Head Instructor 9th Ave

David Fernandes is the Head Instructor of the 9th Ave location. The only thing more impressive than David’s technique is his humbleness. You will not find a nicer person than David. His heart is so big it should be bursting out of his chest. Spend one minute with him and you will see for yourself. David began training with Tony over ten years ago when they were both white belts. David has put in thousands of hours on the mat and his technique is proof of it.